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Replace Sidewalks Using Ready Mix Concrete

It seems that one of the things that homeowners replace periodically around their homes are sidewalks. Sidewalks, although built to last often become damaged due to tree roots that raise the concrete or your concrete finish may become damaged or unsightly due to the overuse of salt to handle snow and ice buildup during the winter.

If you're ready to replace an entire sidewalk or if you simply need to replace a couple of sections of sidewalk around your home, you could do the job by mixing many bags of packaged concrete or you could make the work go a lot faster and smoother by having ready mix concrete delivered to your home. Ready mix concrete is delivered to you in the right consistency. It is ready to work with from the moment it leaves the truck and does not require a lot of heavy lifting and mixing. With ready mix concrete you simply place your concrete forms and pour your concrete right where it is to be permenantly set. When you decide to mix your own concrete you will need a mixer. You will need to pick up or have delivered many bags of concrete along with stone or pebbles to mix with your concrete. You will then need to make sure that you are adding the correct amounts of stone, water and concrete mix. Your mixed concrete will then need to be moved from your mixer to where it will be poured. And you will still need to work the concrete for finishing.

When you have ready mix concrete delivered, our ready mix trucks are equipped with long chutes and can quite often simply shoot the concrete right where it is to be laid. You will only need the tools necessary to work and finish your concrete sidewalk.

Are you concerned with expense of having ready mix delivered compared to doing it all yourself? If you add up all of the costs of getting your concrete, your mixer, your stone and other materials to your home and then figure the additional labor involved in mixng your own concrete, you will find that having ready mix concrete delivered is no more expensive and is actually generally more inexpensive than doing it all yourself.

Before you decide to mix your own concrete to replace a sidewalk or to add a new sidewalk to your home, consult with us. We will review all of the costs with you and show you just how affordable having ready mix concrete delivered to your home actually is.

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